My Jenna's Story

I lost my daughter, Jenna Faye at 34 weeks, heartbreakingly enough, just after our maternity photos were taken.

I had a rough pregnancy, lots of nausea & heartburn. I had been feeling the best I'd felt all along in my pregnancy starting around my 32nd week. Jenna was an active baby, who always had a strong heartbeat and kick. On July 7, we got up as normal, and got ready to go have maternity photos taken, and after that, to head to our 34 week doctor appointment.

I had a ton of movement during the photo shoot, and at 4 pm went to see the OBS clinic. The doctor had a resident with him, who first tried to find the baby's heartbeat. After she had no luck, she turned the doppler over to my doctor. He also couldn't find her heartbeat, and decided to hook me up to the ultrasound machine. He told me that he was very sorry, things didn't look good, and sent me downstairs to the big ultrasound machine. My husband took our son out of the room to meet my father in law, and I had the final ultrasound in the room by myself. After going back up to the clinic, we were told we had a couple of options. We could go home to wait for labour to start naturally, or I could be admitted to be induced. We decided to go home to pack a bag and make arrangements for our son to be taken care off, and make some phone calls to let our families/work know what had happened.

I was admitted by 7:30 the same evening to have induction started. I had 8 doses of gel between Wednesday evening and Friday evening. I had contractions off and on all night Friday night, from 10 pm until about 4 am, at which point they stopped, and never started again. Saturday morning, the doctors decided to change tactics and started giving me a pill (which I can't remember the name of). I had one dose of that Sat. morning, and 2 more that afternoon. By 6:30 I had started labour, and was given an Atavan to help relax me, because at that point I started getting very upset again.

On Saturday (the 10th) at about 10:40, I got a bit sick to my stomach, and when I got up to go to the bathroom, my water broke. Jenna arrived on the scene after a fast and furious labour, during which I never had any pain meds or even made it to the delivery room. My perfect girl arrived at 10:58 pm, and weighed 4 lbs, 10 oz. She had the cord wrapped once around her right arm, and twice around her neck. I spent about 3.5 hours with her before calling the nurses to take her away, and was released on Sunday afternoon.

The following Friday, we had a very small service, and buried Jenna's ashes. After that, we had a "party" for her, which was also very small, and by invitation only. My son tells people that his baby sister is a star in the sky, and she will take care of us from heaven. Pretty smart for only being 3 at the time.

It's so unfair that she had to be taken from us. Some people don't even want their kids, or can't take care of them properly. Jenna was wanted and loved before I even got pregnant, and I miss her with every fiber of my soul

                                         -Crystal MacDonald